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Globalvation Sdn Bhd started offer as a boiler servicing company way back in 1990. With the experience and technical know how gained over the years, Globalvation Sdn Bhd has then ventured into steam boiler and heating projects management & handling.






Steam Boiler

Globalvation offers shell type steam boilers in the range of 0.5ton to 20ton of steam per hour. The shell type boiler generates steam instantly and is extremely easy to install and commission.

Thermal Oil Heater

For process heating needs over a wide range of capacities.Allows high process temperatures at low operating pressure and improves productivity.

Hot Water Generator

The hot water boilers are designed to operate on various types of fuels such as heavy oil, light oil, gas, duel fuel, coal, husk and other agro waste fuels.

Boiler Spares & Accessories

We provide complete range of boiler spares and accessories.

Boiler Solutions

a trustworthy boiler engineering company with the experience and technical know how gained over the years.

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Globalvation Sdn Bhd, which specializes in boiler service, was established in 1990, has since risen to prominence as the leading biomass stem boiler Malaysia and thermal oil heater Malaysia. The organization makes investments in both its employees and its systems. Many measures have been put in place over the years to reflect the company’s commitment to operating sustainably. With our professional and experienced team, we have now expanded our services to include steam boiler and heating project management and handling.

What is Biomass Steam Boiler Malaysia?

The term "biomass boilers" refers to all boilers and plants that run on organic fuels: industrial and municipal waste of plant or animal origin that can no longer be utilized but may be converted into electricity and heat. Because the carbon dioxide exhaled during the combustion process is similar to that absorbed by plants throughout their lives and released after their natural death, biomasses and the fuels derived from them are a source of renewable energy. Therefore, the burning of biomass does not result in an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is the primary source of the greenhouse effect, but rather provides an extra benefit to the environment due to the biodegradability of the substances burnt.

What space is required and how does it work?

A biomass steam boiler Malaysia requires significantly more space than a comparable gas boiler, owing to the need for fuel storage and control, as well as space for exhaust treatment. Biomass is often chopped or processed into manageable bits before being stored in a hopper or silo for use in the boiler. The fuel is then moved by an automated system into the boiler burner, which dries and combusts it, and the boiler portion normally utilizes the heat to produce hot water or steam. The exhaust is then routed via a multi-cyclone air cleaner and a variable speed fan before being expelled out a chimney. Separately, boiler waste such as ash and collected particulate carbon is disposed of away.

What are the pros and cons of Biomass Steam Boiler Malaysia?

Pros as follows:

  • You may be aware that biomass is regarded as an ecologically acceptable source of energy. This is because, unlike coal, which takes far longer than a lifetime to regenerate, biomass is considered a renewable energy source since it can be acquired relatively fast by replacing or growing new plants or trees.
  • Traditional fuel prices, such as oil and gas, are continuously rising, and this trend is not anticipated to reverse very soon. Biomass, which is required for pellet boilers, for example, has considerably more consistent rates, so your bills will not increase significantly. Furthermore, biomass prices are comparable to gas pricing but far lower than electric heating and solid fuel, making a biomass boiler a suitable solution for these types of systems.
  • Biomass energy is an ideal way of disposing of waste wood. That implies that if you burn your own wood instead of having it supplied, the system is much more sustainable.

Cons as follows:

  • Because the system is bigger, biomass boilers require more area than gas or oil boilers. You would also need some storage room for the fuel, such as a hopper or a wood store.
  • Biomass boilers must be cleaned on a regular basis, usually once a week. Modern models, on the other hand, make the procedure quite simple or even include the function automatically, so you won't have to bother about it at all.

What is Thermal Oil Heater Malaysia and how does it work?

Thermal oil heater Malaysia is utilized in a variety of industries and energy sectors. They are used in procedures that need a medium to high temperature range, up to 400oC, but avoiding the high pressures that steam would suggest. Thermal oil heater Malaysia is utilized with a wide range of fuels, including biomass, RDF, and, fossil.

For over 30 years, Globalvation Sdn Bhd has been developing, producing, and installing industrial thermal oil heaters and full facilities. Globalvation Sdn Bhd is a worldwide boiler Malaysia and reference in thermal oil heaters with biomass, having over 30 years of expertise.

Can a Thermal Oil Heater Malaysia be used to replace a Boiler Malaysia?

This question has a simple answer: yes. thermal oil heater Malaysia can be utilized to replace boiler Malaysia in a variety of settings, albeit each facility is unique. For several reasons, we advocate investing in a thermal oil heater Malaysia rather than a boiler Malaysia when practical.

To begin with, thermal oil systems do not require pressurization, chemical control, or freezing at cold temperatures. They are also not required to have a licensed boiler operator on staff in order to operate. Thermal fluid heaters are also more efficient and safer than boilers Malaysia.


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